Offering a Number of Products & Services

Heating & cooling in Vineland, New Jersey

The reliable service technicians at Climate Control Services strive to provide top-notch service for our customers within South Jersey. With our wide skillset and our unparalleled HVAC knowledge, we are able to provide a number of services to make sure everyone stays comfortable throughout the year. Here is a brief overview of the products and services we offer at Climate Control Services.


With Climate Control Services, you’ll be warm during the brutal winter months in Jersey. Come to our technicians for any of the following heating services in Vineland and the surrounding area:

• Fuel oil and electric system service
• Heat pump and mini-split service
• Installation, maintenance and repair

Air Conditioning

Is your A/C causing you problems? You can trust our techs for maintenance, repair and installation of any type of A/C unit. We’ve worked with all of the following:

• Central air conditioning
• Mini-split technology
• Multi-split and inverter technologies
• Tune-up and leak detection
• Recharge and airflow testing

Life Improvement & Money Saving

Come to Climate Control Services and save money! We provide the following products and services to make your life easier:

• Ultraviolet germacidal and purification lamps
• HVAC humidifier systems
• Programmable and WiFi thermostats
• Gas, oil, electric and on-demand water heaters
• Duct insulation, additions, improvements or repairs