About Climate Control Services

Climate Control Services is a family owned & operated local HVAC company located in Vineland, NJ and was founded by Greg Schoenberger over 25 years ago, when he felt inspired to create a company that put its customers FIRST! Which is why here at Climate Control Services we don't just offer one brand of equipment because they make more money for us or because it's easy to install or work with. We offer all of the best brands in their respective areas, we also offer comparable second and third options if you need or want something more competitively priced. In addition to these we also offer brands that are still ALL American for those who believe in and desire all American made equipment. There are no needs that we cannot meet and we will always work with our customers whether new or old we value each individual that we serve and meet their needs as best we can.

More than anything else what has set us apart from our competitors is the fact that we believe in our customers and we believe in educating them unlike other companies who prefer to keep their information limited and biased to benefit them. Our technicians keep up to date by going to classes, seminars and researching new technologies and methods and we don't keep the information to ourselves, we share it with our customers in a way they can understand so when it comes time for them to make a decision regarding their equipment and/or changes within their home they are able to make an educated decision based on current top industry information, not a biased and/or clouded opinion from a mechanic who isn't current with their information. In addition we also inform customers of any and all ways we know of for them to save money and avoid future problems with their equipment.

Customers aren't just a list of names, for us they are our friends and family and we treat them as such and because of that we will never sell gimmicks, trick you into unnecessary repairs or replacements and remain honest and truthful. Before we do any sort of major or costly repair, modification or installation we will always sit down and talk it over with our customers and make sure they understand what we plan to do, why we are doing it and what the costs will be in addition to discussing the future benefits, costs, savings and how comfortable you will be as well as answer any and all questions to the best of our ability and if you're not satisfied we will discuss it with the manufacturers themselves and get back to you as we hold a close and personal relationship with the manufacturers of the equipment we use.

Whether you are an old customer of ours or someone who is looking for a more honest, kind, trustworthy or competitively priced HVAC company, we look forward to serving you and answering your questions while helping you save money and stay comfortable!

Greg Schoenberger

Tim Schoenberger on the left and Greg Schoenberger on the right, Tim is our Senior Service Technician & Installer and Greg is our Company Owner & Lead Technician & Installer.